How’s your marketing going so far in 2017?

I must admit that here at BlueSky Revenue Generation we’ve had a slow start, although I have taken steps to improve my understanding of marketing theory (I’m reading Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas). As often the case I’m suffering from cobbler shoes syndrome, if you’re anything like me you’re caught up in client delivery, working on projects and not getting to the marketing or making calls to prospects for your own business….Arghhh!

To get back on track with my marketing in Q1 I attended one of Watertight Marketing workshops and realised my main marketing issue was Forgotten Customers! A cardinal sin in my book, however as we went around the room it transpired that this is the most common mistake for many businesses.

So what can we do about it?

With lots of talk about keeping personally fit in the New Year I realised I always had the answer to both improving my overall physical and business fitness.


Now FIVE pieces of fruit and veg keeps YOU healthy, focused on your fitness and FIVE calls a day to prospective clients will do the same for your business.

It’s all about incremental improvement. Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise promotes weight loss, a firmer waistline and more confidence about oneself.

Making customer-care and prospecting calls achieves similar for your business. By making a few calls each day you’ll have some great conversations, find out where you might be able to help or fit with your current client or prospects business and get more confident about making the calls in the first place.

So block out some time, make 5 calls a day to your ideal client business. That’s 25 manageable calls per week and 100 potential opportunities per working month. Pick up the phone, follow-up those warm leads in your database and book some business for Q2!

And if are simply too busy to do it yourself get someone in your office to touch-base with your clients and prospects or give me a call and we’ll get on the blower for you!

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