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S.W.A.L.K – Sealed with a loving Kiss X Are you in love with your clients? If you didn’t quite get round to sending a Christmas card, email or Calendar last year all is not lost. Make a note in your diary to buy a stack of RED envelopes, ink for the printer and start... read more


How’s your marketing going so far in 2017? I must admit that here at BlueSky Revenue Generation we’ve had a slow start, although I have taken steps to improve my understanding of marketing theory (I’m reading Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas). As often the case... read more

Practice, Focus, Make the Call

My daughter, Eloise, has just landed herself a place in the South-West Gymnastics squad competing at National level and I am understandably a very proud parent at this moment in time. We hope that this will be another junction on the road to more sporting success. But... read more

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